Photographs for Fundraising
Photographs are very powerful tools to have in your fundraising arsenal. And Reflections Photography is unsurpassed in the ability to coordinate and execute fundraising photo-lines. For political or philanthropic purposes, the opportunity for a donor to have their photograph taken with a VIP or celebrity is a strong motivator to make a donation or increase the amount of a contribution.

Fundraising photo-lines are incorporated into VIP receptions for high-level donors, as is frequently done for political campaigns, used to encourage companies to purchase an entire table at fundraising dinners such as Rally 'Round The Redskins, or to increase attendance at an event as they do with Coach Bobby Bowden for FSU's Booster Clubs.

Reflections Photography has taken hundreds of thousands of photo-line photographs and helped raise millions of dollars. Our approach leverages 40 years of experience to efficiently utilize the VIP's time, create an enjoyable environment for your guests, track all guest information, identify the photos, expedite the signature process for signed prints and provide guaranteed delivery of all photos.

Fundraising Photos

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