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These case studies summarize how some of our clients have utilized our photographic coverage, services and products to give you a better understanding of what is available for your event.

National Governors Association
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For several days every six months, the National Governors Association hosts the nation's Governors, VIPs, dignitaries and world leaders at their meetings in Washington DC and across the country. NGA has several internal and external uses for the images we take throughout the meeting. These include posting images to the National Governor's Association website as well as making the images available for use by the various media outlets and individual Governor's offices.

In order to meet the internal and external demands for the images, we provide Digital Images by processing, emailing and uploading photos between meetings and in the evening so that they are available to those who need them immediately.

To make all images available to each Governor's office following the meeting, NGA utilizes our Web Posting Service and we sort and post the images to a password protected event on our website. This is the most cost effective approach and allows each Governor's office to view and order prints or digital files of any photograph from the meeting. These images, sometimes numbering in the thousands, are all sorted by each day's agenda so finding the photo they need takes only minutes.

For NGA archives, we provide high resolution DVDs of all images. Again, these are all sorted by each day's agenda so locating a photo is simple.

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